this website

This is a webcomic called “Heard” that’s been running since June 2007.  The update schedule varies depending on my workload. (It’s basically dead.)  This comic can be read as a stand-alone piece, but it was actually created as a sequel to a 24-Hour Comic (a 24 page comic created in 24 hours without planning or sleeping) made many years ago. If you would like to read the short prequel comic, you can read it HERE.

the artist / author

Name: Nena (Di) Martinez
Other aliases: BlinkyTheRed (retired)
Location: Osaka, Japan
Nationality: USA, Spain
Languages: English & Spanish, Japanese (fluent)


contact me

To contact me, please email me at blinkythered AT gmail DOT com

my other websites / places to find me





  • John Gibbons Japan: Video series which features me, from a long time ago. (But the videos aren’t made by me.)


Looking to catch me at a convention? You’ve come to the right place!  If you’re interested in seeing me at a convention, please contact the convention coordinators and ask them to invite me as a guest.  If you’re a convention coordinator, feel free to just contact me directly!  I will attend ANY convention if you give me stuff!

Upcoming conventions..

  • None planned. (I live in Japan now. That complicates things.)

Past Conventions..

  • Tokyo in Tulsa 2009 (Guest)
  • Atlanta SuperCon 2008 (Guest)
  • Crisis-Con 2008
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008
  • Dragon-Con 2008 (tabled with girl-wonder.org, not in the artist alley)
  • Tokyo in Tulsa 2008 (no table)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007 (no table)