Happy birthday to me. I just turned 26. Getting old. OH WELL. Here’s something new! My friend Alice just started a new webcomic, it’s an ADULT (18+) full-color comic about sexy gay men. You should read it: http://bonedcomic.com/ (I contributed to this comic by writing all of the hover text for the comic pages, haha)

Anyway, I recently have been feeling a lot happier about my art and comics, and I have my readers to thank. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!! You guys keep me going.

About the page. I cut out the story because it’s relatively mundane and I kinda wanna finish this comic up as soon as possible, so I’ll summarize here.

Rosaline was never cheating her with another man. Romy’s best friend and roommate at the time (not pictured in either HEARD or SEEN, her name is Mandy) was trying to break Rosaline and Romy up, so she convinced Romy that Rosaline was cheating on her with a man, and everyone had seen them together. In fact, many people HAD seen Rosaline getting friendly with a man, but it was a visiting relative of hers. They were going on a roadtrip to visit the rest of Rosaline’s family, which is why Romy didn’t see or hear from her for a while. When she saw pictures of them (Rosaline and the man) together on a roadtrip, looking chummy, she assumed the worst and cut off all contact with her, changed her phone number and address. By the time Rosaline came back to town, she couldn’t track Romy down and eventually gave up.