Ch. 9 – Pg. 11

November 2nd, 2012

Presented without commentary.


  1. Emmmy says:

    Fantastic! I thought of this a week ago, glad to see an update! :) How many more pages now?

    • Nena says:

      Hey! Hmm, actually, I don’t have an exact page number yet. I need to cut out some things and streamline things to bring the end about sooner.

      Right now, I’m roughly estimating about 25 more pages. But that might be off.. I need to thumbnail and see. :D

      But even after I end Heard, I have some mini-comic ideas for sidestories that never happened, i might post those from time to time, just whenever I feel like it.

  2. ME! says:

    Shit’s bout to go down!!

  3. Keira says:

    Glad to see an update! We missed ya ;D

    ZOMG EX GIRLFRIEND <—says my subconscious XD

    I'm not uber worried and excited!

  4. ColdFeet says:

    Woo update!

  5. Rashel X says:

    This made my day! Truly anticipating what will
    happen next :3
    Purrhaps a connection to “Seen”?

  6. shiku says:

    Holy fuck I almost had a heart attack when I clicked on my bookmarked link for your comic, like I do everyday to see if heard has been updated and YOU DID!

    • Nena says:

      Baww, thank you for your comment. You’re too kind. I’m sorry I don’t update that often, I really hate to disappoint. I’m updating on Tuesdays for the time being so I’ll try to keep that up :D That why you don’t have to keep checking every day. But I really appreciate it <3

  7. Kat says:

    Oh, plot twist! I like it :3

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