Ch. 9 – Pg. 9

April 17th, 2012

Here’s a page, I guess?


  1. Alice says:


    and butt grabs.

  2. Kat says:

    haha that’s great XD I love Vlad

  3. LiamB says:

    Haha, love the commentary. No, he’s not bitter.

  4. darklion says:


    • Nena says:

      Elliot (Vlad’s current boyfriend) has an identical twin brother named Elijah. The person whose butt Vlad touched was Elijah, who elbowed him in the face. (Elijah had not met Vlad before this point, he wouldn’t have elbowed his brother’s boyfriend in the face if he’d known it was him). Sorry that my storytelling is not that good. :D

  5. Keira says:

    HAHA Elliots commentary is brilliant!

    And I adore Elijahs face in the last panel :3

    Domo~ Nina :D

  6. RavinWood says:

    this is so funny and i love this comic. i hope u havent abandind it

    • Nena says:

      Yay, I’m glad you think it’s funny, haha. :D And don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned the comic! I will finish it!! :D thanks for the comment!

  7. Trace says:

    I cant wait to see your next update -smiles-

    • Nena says:

      Thanks!! :D And thanks for the comment. These days I’m updating on Tuesdays so you can check then for updates. Thank you for reading! <3

  8. Comichero says:

    No I caught up, in the back of my head i dread to think you had finished the comic cuz i was so entralled withthe story and art work that i didnt see any time stamps or dates but now that i caught up I’m sad there are no more till thurday

    • Nena says:

      Haha! Hey there. Thanks for reading!! Anyway, I’m really glad you found the story and artwork ‘enthralling’ !! That’s a great compliment. :D <3 But anyway, although the header of the comic says I update on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that is unfortunately a lie. :C Back when I was in school, I could manage to update more often, but I work a full time job now (with way more overtime than I'd like) so I'm lucky if i find the time to draw 1 page a week.

      That being said, I was also in a huge art slump for a long time and lost all my confidence in drawing. I don't know why, maybe just a product of stress and unhappiness in other areas of my life. But I'm back on the horse, haha! So I'm updating on every Tuesday now. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up!!

      Thanks again for the compliment!! :D <3

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