Ch. 8 – Pg. 18

August 9th, 2011

oh snizzap. ITS AN UPDATE.

Okay, updates are going to be very sporadic for the next.. uhh.. 6 weeks. I’m going to be relocating to Korea pretty soon. But I don’t know exactly when, so, I’m running around like crazy to do everything last minute before I have to leave..

So, sorry for the delays that are upcoming. I hope you guys understand and that nobody sends me hatemail.

VOTE to see a chibi drawing of Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka.

OK BYEEEE. You should probably add me on facebook or googleplus if you wanna get REEL LIFE updates of wtf I’m doing (instead of updating.)


  1. Keira says:

    As much as she is suffering, I absokutely LOVE Romy’s face in the thast panel :3

    I’m so excited to see what will become of our cute little Romy-chan ;D

    Aaaaand… still waiting for my Bailey replica to come in ze mail. Just sayin ;) (I know that isnt on your store page, but a girl can dream, yeah?)

    • Nena says:

      Haha. I wish I could make a real Bailey and sell her. I’d make tons of money! >:I DANG.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment. There’s a few more page of Romy suffering to be had. For all our enjoyment.

      (Sorry, the updates are gonna be slow for a while.)

  2. Calocor says:

    Gasp update (slaps self to make sure not dreamin) WOOOT UPDATE FTW

  3. tarot says:

    Bystander yuri fangirl is right and Cami is made of adorable.

  4. Kat says:

    Your drawing style looks kinda different… (It's prolly me tho x3)

    • Nena says:

      Haha, No, it’s definitely not your imagination. My style is different EVERY DAY. I don’t know why I can’t seem to nail anything down. It’s always been this way. :I OH WELL?

      • Colin says:

        Oh well? I, for one, say oh yeah! Subtly fluctuating art is my personal favorite… though spontaneous chibi moments rock too ^_^

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