Ch. 8 – Pg. 15

July 18th, 2011

Oh snizzap, I hope this update goes up alright! (I don’t have buffer pages that often, ahaha.)

VOTE to see an image of a sexy lady from an upcoming one-shot comic. :D (safe for work!)

You know what I like? Filthy Figments. (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!) Just saying. I don’t draw anything for them, but I do read the stuff that OTHER awesome artists are drawing! Check it out if you’re into that sorta thing.


  1. nica schouten says:

    like omg! i just wanted to say i looove you comic!=D i just wish, as a young lesbian myself (artist to>.>), i was in the place as your main character. XD anyways ill keep reading! ;P
    thank you!

    <3's from

    • Nena says:

      Hi Nica, thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you like my comic! Thanks for reading!! READ FOREVER! Anyway, even I wish I was in the same place as my main character, instead of being FOREVER ALONE ;__; (lol I’m kidding)

  2. Alexis says:

    I blame you
    my friends think im crazy becasue i have been stalking this site for updates >_<
    But i absoluty LOVE LOVE LOVE the comic

    • Nena says:

      Haha!! >:3 Yessss.. yess… my plan to make people look crazy is going very well. Thanks for reading!! And checking obsessively for updates!! *u* That makes me so happy to hear!

  3. M A E L K says:

    wow read the whole thing from beginning to now in two days :l


    • Nena says:

      That’s a lot of reading! O: Thanks for reading and catching up!! @u@ Y U SO NICE? I’m glad you like the comic. I hope you keep reading forever and ever and ever!!

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