Ch. 8 – Pg. 11

June 23rd, 2011

Oh snizzap, an update? And.. it’s on time? OH MY WOOORD. Thanks to all of the awesome people who watched me draw on livestream! I had a great time chatting with you guys about all sorts of inappropriate things. (Make sure you follow me on twitter or facebook if you want to know when I’m livestreaming!)

VOTE to see the ridiculous and offensive things I doodled on the page (and erased) while I was livestreaming.

Thanks again for reading and for the super nice, kind comments you’ve been leaving lately. I’m feeling so lucky to have amazing and encouraging readers. I was sick all day today but I crawled out of bed to finish the update. I didn’t want to disappoint you!! I’ll see you on Monday!


  1. Amieechu says:

    Dude! I so want a cooler that says Booze Toter on the side!
    Ilu for your updates. <3333

    • Nena says:

      Ahaha, booze toter! I was just being silly and writing stuff on the cooler but I decided to keep it. I also want a BOOZE TOTER. :C

      Thanks for the comment! ILU for your comments! <3333

  2. kanji says:


  3. kanji says:

    Please tell rommy that i get makeup smudgies under my eyes and dont EVAR get rid of them. She aint alone.

    • Nena says:

      Haha! I will tell her, indeed. :I Mostly she has bags under her eyes. Combined with runny eyeliner. haha. It’s the cool thing to do!!

  4. Calocor says:

    Troll grin

    That is all

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