Ch. 8 – Pg. 4

May 5th, 2011

AW YA GIRL LET’S GET READY TO PARTY. Sorry this is late.

As an apology, accept the most fucked up drawing of Vlad and Elliot I’ve ever drawn. (You gotta vote to see it, MUAH HAHA.) I have no idea why I drew this, I can’t remember at all. But it is terrible. Sorta NSFW? Mostly just terrible. A billion apologies to

.. Does anyone remember if I’ve posted that incentive before? I don’t remember posting it, but.. maybe I did? I don’t even remember drawing it. I have memory problems.


(Note: I removed one of the advertising boxes, the little square underneath the big tower. It was barely earning any money so I decided to un-clutter a little by getting rid of it. Sorry to the readers who were using it for cheap exposure. :C I just love getting rid of bulky ads when I can..)

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