Ch. 7 – Pg. 17

March 7th, 2011

Here’s a page. I should not have colored it, my arm is killing me even more than before.

ArtRage is a neat program, though I’m still getting used to it.. I recommend it to anyone looking for something different.

Big thanks to Gibson for pimping me out on Pictures of You. Good thing I routinely stalk him, he didn’t even tell me he was gonna pimp me out! That sly, sly fox. GO READ THIS COMIC if you haven’t! (NOT safe for work.)


  1. Katie says:

    That’s how I found you, is from him pimping you out!

    Love your work so far! Can’t wait for the next one to be posted all the time! ^__^

  2. Kikirini says:

    My god, you’re alive xD

    Anyway, yaaay colors and update <3

  3. Rolland says:

    Nooo! this colouring isn’t bad at all! but yeah, I don’t want your arms to die. Glad you updated! =D

  4. coffii junkii says:

    Ooooh- lovely colour!

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