Ch. 7 – Pg. 4 ** 3rd Year Anniversary!

June 1st, 2010

Wow, three years already? I can’t believe it. I’ll be posting up some fanart I received recently even though it’s not technically birthday fanart.. I still owe it to you awesome guys who sent me art when my computer was all explodey and stupid.

So, check for extra fanart and art from me during the next few days. Hope you enjoy the page! I loved drawing it.. seriously. GET ‘IM VLAD! >:U PUNCH THAT JERK!

Thanks to everyone for your support. I genuinely appreciate it, you guys are the reason I have the motivation to sit and draw for hours even after a long day at work..

<3 nena
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  1. Coffii Junkii says:

    Vlad should write a book, “How to piss off a Jerk in 15 words or less”

    Love this comic so much. Worth the wait!

  2. nick says:

    wait who was he fighting?

  3. Ceja says:

    Ooh! Vlad got him on the neck! Way to go Ruskie! Scrawny kid busted that big guy up what //hard//.

  4. Sketch says:

    I’m loving the flashbacks! Teenage Vlad :’3 I also adore grumpy!Romy on the last page, so cute!

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