Sorry for the delay.  One of my good buddies just moved into Korea last week and I’ve been spending all of my time with her, pretty much. BUT NOW I AM TIRED OF HER so I will keep drawing in a timely fashion. (I am just kidding, Amanda, I love you!)

I did most of this page while USTREAMing. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s sorta like youtube except with LIVE broadcasts and a little chatbox. So you can come watch me draw and chat. Since I live in South Korea, the timing is usually not that great for Americans, but.. keep an eye on my twitter and facebook to see when I’m going to broadcast!  Oh, and you can check out my USTREAM page, too.

But yeah, uh. I have nothing else to say, really. The next few pages will be CHOCK FULL of flashbacks and explanations and stuff like that!