Ch. 7 * Pg. 1

April 27th, 2010

Chapter seven start-uh. I did part of this page while USTREAM-ing.  Meaning, that some peeps were watching me draw and we were chatting. It was a good time! Then my computer crashed so the party kinda.. stopped. :C

Anyway, keep an eye out on my to do a ustream. ¬†Unfortunately my time zone makes it hard for most of my american/canadian readers to watch me.. but if you’re not in North or South America, it’ll be a lot easier to watch me! O: ¬†Here’s my USTREAM page, if you’re interested.. but I’m not streaming at the moment!


  1. HSeele says:

    Me encanta este comic~ :3 ( I missed this comic so much! T_T )
    Gaaah, I must draw…fanart *-*!

  2. Coffii Junkii says:

    Yay! <3 Update (I always feel so warm and fuzzy when I see an update)

    Agree with HSeele, fan art must be drawn.

  3. Nono says:

    I love this comic! It’s well drawn and the characters have all their unique personalities, yaay, haha, I’m waiting for the big revelation now

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