Ch. 6 – Pg. 13

November 16th, 2009

I know it’s just a sketch, but it’s better than nothing? My computer kersploded but I think I’ve got it back to work.. I’ve installed Manga Studio and it’s running OK, though I haven’t had a chance to reinstall Photoshop yet.. lettering in MS is way harder than expected. I don’t like the way it looks, either. :/  Oh well. I’ll go back and fix this page in several ways when I can.

Blaarrgh. I’m sorry about the slowness of updates.  My wrists aren’t any better. I’ve been working fulltime. I’m going to go back to part-time this week, hopefully, which will give me some more time to draw and think.  Wooo~!  It’ll be nice to get a big fat paycheck though..

Anyway, uh, I took a job in South Korea. I’m currently in the process of doing the visa paperwork. If everything goes according to plan, I will be relocating right after Christmas.  I guess we’ll see. I’ll post updates as they happen.

I’m really sorry about the slow updates. I’m going to say it again– updates may be slow for a while but I WON’T just quit on the story. I’ll finish Heard even if it kills me.


  1. Person says:

    Woo, update!

  2. dill says:

    Dont die! Oh and can’t wait to hear bout his scandalous life!

  3. Coffii Junkii says:

    One, if you die, I will resurrect you- then kill you once more. In the most loving way possible of course.

    Sketch is fine, I love it anyway. Vlad has a story teller streak into him… grrr. WANT TO KNOW!

  4. Koukla says:

    O my I feel so proud to be Greek ^.^ thank you so much for making Elliot one of my peoples lol
    and you should have them like eat some rice pudding next…the best girl!

    You are so talented girl keep it up cuz you can do anythang!!

  5. Billy says:

    Hey, good luck on the new job, sounds exciting.

    Love your comic, I come back to check it here and there.

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