Ch. 6 – Pg. 7

September 3rd, 2009

Surprise! I didn’t think my eyes would be good enough to draw a page today, but they actually felt great, so I drew! YAY!  There may be some fluctuations in my vision which keep me from drawing over the next few weeks, but hopefully I won’t be missing my updates.  Just in case, you should all send me guest comics!

VOTE to see a comic where Romy responds to the question: “Is it just Vlad, or do you get grabby with everyone you sleep with?”  (Image involves a bit of over-the-clothes booby grabbing, possibly NSFW)

You know, if you want me to draw a silly little comic like this about something in particular, you can go over to the Heard Forum and ask a question in the “Ask a Character” thread! Just an idea!


  1. Eve says:

    Aw, Vlad is angrry. Vlad is hawt when he’s angry. Or when he’s not. I’ll send you a guest comic in like, a week. Needa get my new tablet, mine is broken T.T

  2. animeluvr says:

    I voted, XD. Wow, I will never forget the look on Elliot’s face XD.

  3. Quade says:

    Yeah Nena glad you’re feeling Better.

    And awww poor vlady

  4. Uhh... i forgot. says:

    Uh. Okay, what just happened?

  5. Alborn says:

    Keep reading to find out. The truth will be revealed!…

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