Ch. 6 – Pg. 4

August 17th, 2009

Yeah, so.. I’m having computer issues. For some reason the program I ink the pages in, MangaStudio, has decided to go berserk and won’t understand my tablet anymore. I didn’t change any settings so I don’t know what’s up. I’m going to try to reinstall and get everything fixed so that I can actually ink pages.

So, sorry.. here’s the sketch for now, hopefully you can still understand what’s happening on the page.

No voting or anything necessary. I don’t deserve it. ;_; I swear I’ll fix this thing!

EDIT: August 22, I inked and re-posted the page with some changes. I added some more dialogue to the last two panels.


  1. Rursus says:

    Have you tried reinstalling your tablet driver? I had a similar problem with SAI before.
    Go to your control panel and click “Add or Remove Programs”. Find Pen Tablet in the list, and click Change. Select “Remove all Preferences Files” and let it do it’s thing. X out when you’re done. This’ll remove your shortcuts and setting for the tablet, but you can set it again. This generally fixes most tablet related issues I’ve had before. (Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver usually keeps these settings, so try this instead.)
    Hope this helps! Good luck and keep up the awesome comic!

  2. Rursus says:

    ^ Resetting, not reinstalling.

  3. Coffii Junkii says:

    I can give you no tech advice other than pray to the techie gods! (I kid. We used to have techie gods pray circles in Civics class as a joke when ever we tried to used electronics.

  4. Coffii Junkii says:

    Wah! Forgot to say good job so….

    Good job! (still good even if it’s blue. But you know, blue is a rather nice colour…)

  5. tigergrrl says:

    i like the rough sketch, gives it that raw feel. and i hope that comes across as chessy as it sounded in my head.

  6. Fydan says:

    Awww. Don’t be sad! It’s still a beautiful comic!

  7. Rachel says:

    hehehe. From the sketch it’s clear to see that the most lines redone seem to be on the shoulders and boobies. I do like diligence in ensuring the correct shape! ^^

  8. Snorklepuff says:

    Great job on the comic, even if it is rough. I actually kind of like it–it seems to fit this part.. at least to me, anyhow. :/
    Just one thing, though, that I noticed: In the second panel, she’s wearing a cross necklace, but in the fourth it’s gone..
    Just thought I’d point it out. Hope I don’t sound rude

  9. Rikki says:

    hah, i just realized it’s not supposed to be her in the last panel. I thought they were trying to change her into a proper looking little girl. >.>

  10. Snorklepuff says:

    Woohoo, yyou read your comments! *Dances* I feel.. really rather special no. ^///^

  11. Snorklepuff says:

    *you, *now

    OK, perhaps Special -Ed.- ><;

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