Ch. 6 – Pg. 1

August 6th, 2009

Man, Romy! You gotta get them grabby-hands under control.

VOTE to see a sketch of Romy sleep-fondlin’ Vlad. Vlad no likey.

Also, heads up– I updated my drawing!  Click here to go directly to the nakey drawing, which is NOT safe for work.  Feel free to watch me on deviantart and stuff.  I’ll be working on uploading more and more Heard sketches, so be sure to check the “scraps” area frequently!


  1. Nobody says:

    Chapter 6! Yeah!

  2. Bavette says:

    “Kids don’t know shit” is one of the best tittles ever… of all times…

  3. AeroG says:

    I wonder if she got a girlfriend and they slept in the same bed if Romy would do that then too <<

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