Ch. 5 – Pg. 18

July 23rd, 2009

Dun-Dun-DUUUUN! What will happen next? Nobody knows. Not even me!

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This Friday I’m gonna go get my eyes checked for a Lasik consultation. Maybe I’ll have SUPER LASER eyes, soon! Friday I’ll spend the day lounging around in sunglasses, incapable of looking at anything for too long. Nooo~ How will I chat with mah Nuu and Alice?!

See ya Monday.


  1. AeroG says:

    I know this is a serious page but…lawl “Your boobies look big today” I just thought that was pretty funny XD I can’t wait to see how this conversation ends <.<

  2. zalion says:

    hahaha boobies are bigger so random XD anyhoo good luck with the lasik :D i hear good things.

  3. Taylor B. says:

    Romy is really cute with the circles around her eyes, for some reason.

    As for vlad mentioning Hannah, I didn’t see that coming

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