Ch. 5 – Pg. 15

July 14th, 2009

First off, I’m so sorry about the late update! I was at “Tokyo In Tulsa” over the weekend. It was a ┬álot of fun, but also REALLY tiring, and I spent most of yesterday recovering and planning out the rest of this chapter.

VOTE to see an old meme thing I did back in 2008. I should post this somewhere..

Alright. For now I’m trying to put together plans for upcoming conventions. I’m pretty much looking at Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas for the closest cons. If you’d like to see me at a certain convention in particular, let me know (or contact the Guest coordinator for the convention and ask them to invite me).


  1. Rursus says:

    First off, I loooove your comic and I have been following it since “SEEN”. It makes me smile :3
    As far as conventions go, have you thought about attending Nakakon? It’s a convention in Kansas City, MO. I usually attend, but haven’t in the last year since I moved. It’s smaller than most cons I hear about, but we still rake in about 4k+ people :3

    • Nena says:

      Actually, I’ve been wanting to go to Naka-kon for a while– but I was living in Alabama for the past 4 years, so the timing was never right to attend. Such a bummer!

      My current plan is to relocate to Japan by the end of this year, so I’m afraid I’ll be missing Naka-kon next year too! Oh no!

      I am, however, looking at attending “Motaku” in Kansas City this year at the end of October. It’s a first-time con, though, so it’s not gonna have the attendance that Naka-kon has.

  2. AeroG says:

    Tokyo in Tulsa was a blast…but my mom got mad at me because I forgot to tell her about the closing ceremony, and she ended up waiting outside for almost an hour ^^; Oh well, I’m glad I met you there, you’re as nice as I expected 8D *was the girl who ended up standing by your table and talking for a long time cause she kept losing her friends and had to stay in one place*

  3. wyldangel says:

    There’s A2F in Fayetteville AR in Nov too ^.^

    • Nena says:

      Fayetteville, huh? That’s definitely close enough for me to make it. Also, my sis lives there, so I can stay with her and save some money!

      I’ll try to make it. :)

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