Omake – Boobs

July 9th, 2009

Hay guys. Hopefully this posts on Thursday!  Today I am (probably) at home, unpacking from the trip to Chicago and packing my car to go to Tokyo In Tulsa! See ya there!  Vote for me if you’re super nice.

Oh, that vlad!


  1. Anna says:

    Boobies are quite nice

  2. wyldangel says:

    gahh.. you’re going to be at TnT? I’m so sad now… I love Heard!!

    • Nena says:

      There’s still time to sneak into the Convention Center and see me!! Haha! I will not be held responsible if you get in trouble, though!

      I’ll try to make it out to more conventions. :) It’s just hard, since I’m not that conveniently located.

  3. Ume-chan says:

    I love your comic and look forward to meeting you at TnT.


  4. AeroG says:

    Squee! I will be going to Tokyo in Tulsa! Each day I will be with a different person though <.< *is going to look for you*

    • Nena says:

      I will be in “Exhibit Hall A” which is in the Convention center, and APPARENTLY, the same place as the Dealer’s Room! So, I shouldn’t be too hard to find!

  5. Sturm says:

    I just got through reading the comic from begining to end (though not all today :p ) and I have to say that I love your art style and unlike other lez comics I’ve read its not breat-it-over-your-head militant crazy, to the point where any other story or humor gets lost… I notice there is some loosely autobiographical undertones and I have to ask: do you not have any straight friends? :p

    <3 your work… prolly the best webcomic I've run across recently (if I live them, I have to start from the first, and if I make it through its the good stuff) since!

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