Ch. 4 – Pg. 18

March 5th, 2009

Oh goddddd. I’m still sick, but doing better overall. Now I’m in the SUPER SLEEPY phase of recovery.

NEW VOTE INCENTIVE – vote to see an old doodle of Romy all gussied up. And accusing me of laziness.

I haven’t drawn Elliot in a while. He’s always hard to draw, for some reason, but he came out OK! Also, those boxes don’t have donuts in them. :C Kinda looks like it though, huh? Thanks for reading.

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  1. More yay!~

    Everyone get sick in this time of year. I think I got a headache yesterday…

  2. dilby says:

    bring back more crappy cellphone!
    also. a while back they were studying for orgo. i love the study posters. even dillbeast has a place in heard :)

  3. Phoenix6901 says:

    I am a lurker fan. I absolutely love your webcomic. So I added you on livejournal.

  4. samanthajay7 says:

    i love the more yay. dose she say it in sarcasim?

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