Ch. 4 – Pg. 14

February 5th, 2009

Page is up! Updates will now be on Wednesday nights / Thursday eaaaarly mornings (like around 1 AM or so). So look for updates on Thursdays!

FORUM has undergone a facelift! You should go check out the FORUM at Sage Comics. :3 It’s injectable hgh too quiet!

I think that’s it.. as usual, news on the livejournal and twitter. Thanks, guys!

EDIT: I almost forgot! New vote incentive, at TopWebComics.

TopWebComics – Vote to see a drawing I did for mah friend Alice. <3


  1. LOLGasm says:

    This is an amazin’ comic. <3

  2. I.S.P. says:

    It’s probably a good thing I’m not lesbian, or else I would be heartbroken over Hannah not being real ;A;

    I was telling my mother that a friend on the internets (you) had studied in Japan and was going back at some point.
    My mother: Is she gay?
    My mother: Become her girlfriend and convince her to take you along!
    Me:…I don’t like her that way, but I’m impressed with your morals regarding the subject.

  3. I.S.P. says:

    Also, second panel made me LOL IRL

  4. Bavette says:

    And loved even more your coment ISP. Seriously. I wished my mother was like yours. XD

  5. Jessie says:

    Didn’t mention this in the forum thread, but I really like hannah’s pose as well :3

  6. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait for more!!! :D

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