Happy New Year

January 1st, 2009


Thanks for a great year, everyone. Here’s to an excellent 2009! ┬áIf you want to read about my resolutions, they’re posted in the forum. Join up and discuss yours with me!

Or, yanno, just post here. :)


  1. Bergie says:

    I feel your pain, luv, I feel your pain…

    Cursed holidays, I’m not even Christian and they still get me…

    Love your comic, by the way, next time a friend comes out I’ll pass it along to help them stabilize again after they pull the sky down around their ears. <3

    It’s beautiful in so many ways. =)

  2. Bavette of Agony -Deseased- says:

    Ahhh~ *Creepy undead sound*

    Sorry not come here more often. I am sick… for the past 10 days. XP… Nice huh? I am almost jumping from a window.
    I missed your comic SO much… T_T I was away from home too. My family made an understatement of “I am sick” so I traveled with then… XP…

    I will post more often when I die and reborn as a Undead Demi-Lich! The problem is how, but the ausome magical powers will make for it… (Put Demi-Lich on Google, you shall understand.)

    Love ya, gal…
    Thank you for this most lovely comic and do not worry… what doesnt kill you make you stronger.

  3. Jenny says:

    Happy New Year! And I love your comic. It’s nice to read a lesbian comic.

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