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November 29th, 2008

Yes, yes, it’s taken me a long time to update. Classes are ending and really, really brutal right now. I’ve got finals coming up, sooo… *I WILL NOT BE UPDATING A PAGE UNTIL AFTER DECEMBER 10th* But you may be seeing extra sketches or such. Also, it’s my birthday on December 16th! Yay!

TopWebComics – Vote to see an image of Cho and Olivia. **WARNING: some tasteful nudity (boobies), MAY NOT BE WORKSAFE*
– Vote to see an image of Cho and Olivia. **WARNING: some tasteful nudity (boobies), MAY NOT BE WORKSAFE*
Buzzcomix – Vote to see a sketch of Vlad (long hair, while smoking.)

Anyway. If you want to send in some guest comics to run during the next 2 weeks, just send it my way! But no emails complaining about slow updates. I’m getting REALLY sick of them.

Happy (late) Thanksgiving to all my american readers! And happy REALLY late Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.

As usual, keep up with news on my livejournal.


  1. Zanni Smile says:

    I like disgruntled Romy in panels 1 and 2. Vlad busting into the place is cute, too.

    The Cho/Olivia incentive is hot, by the way (even if I’m not a fan of Olivia). It will comfort me as I suffer through calculus.

    (P.S. We share a birthday~)

  2. Bavette of Agony says:

    I vote for arabian food! *.* A sliced bread with kibbe nayye can be the best at any time.

    Oh gal, do what you can. ^ ^ After all you are one person with life and all… People just pass here to read, you must draw, think of a plot, make the final art, scan, put on efects and all and make the baloons… Whheeew…

    You could film yourself working, you know… and let people see how tiring it can got and how much time it take.

  3. DARKIE says:


    i may do some fan arts of this for it when i get less lazy n 3n

  4. Toooorrreeeee says:

    :O We think Vlad is pretty sexeh.

  5. Ominpresent Bavette says:

    Some gal will have a birthday tomorrow!~
    She is happy because we love her!~
    She will update or we will smite her instead… :D Joke. Bad one. Sorry.

    I wish you many, many neat parties girl! Have fun! Tomorrow I will come to make a memo in your birthday! YEY! *Stalker – Nothing better to do*

  6. Nena says:

    Haha– it’s not my birthday until the 16th!

  7. Wendy says:

    Yay! Vlad returns in real-time! *fan-gasm* 8D

  8. Leslie Fees says:

    Thanks for this compelling post. I would like to come back sometime soon. Thanks again

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