Ch. 4 – Pg. 7

November 10th, 2008

Woo! Sorry for the delay. I had to spend a lot of time planning the next few pages, to make sure I didn’t mess up the whole story.  I’ve also been traveling a lot.

News: I’ll be at the ATLANTA SUPERCON, here in a few weeks, November 21 to 23.  Website is here:  Please come to see me, if you can!

New Vote Incentives: mascot sketches I did for a commission, which ended up falling through. Enjoy anyway! Cute kitties!

If you haven’t been keeping up with my livejournal, my friend has been releasing tons of videos from the time he spent visiting me in Japan.  He’s started a youtube channel JUST for these videos, so feel free to subscribe:


  1. Same old Bavette says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Best “Pretend this is a good drawing” draw EVER! XD
    Ganbate, ojou-chan!

    I am realy loving this… ALL of this. I hope you keep on the good work for me to keep on the good fan-girl show! ^^; hehe.

  2. Schmidt says:

    Update! I LOVE YOU!

  3. Steven says:

    Awww…we actually have a local convention that weekend. :__; NerdaCon, in Columbus, Georgia
    Glad you updated. ^^
    I wanna know why Vlad is texting…I suspect something bad has happened, but that’s just me >_>

  4. Mimi says:

    Yay! new page! feeling any better?

  5. Well have fun at the ATL Supercon :) I’ll have to get in touch with you via email. I’m putting together a TGT Webcomics website for all the podcasts and I wanted to get your input about the interview we did, etc.


  6. megan says:

    cooooome back!

  7. o_0 says:

    any idea when you are gonna have a new update??????????????

  8. Apocalypstix says:

    Amazing! Love it!

  9. DARKIE says:

    aww yay! its been a while since i’ve read this : )

  10. Bavette of Agony says:

    Waiting for your return gal! *_*

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