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October 26th, 2008

Okay! Sorry for the long delay. Life can be quite demanding, unfortunately, and I’ve managed to get sick again. Stress isn’t doing my immune system any good!

POLL – Please vote on whether you’d like Heard updates to continue in color or go back to black and White! Come here to vote!

New vote incentives!
Buzzcomix – A funky close-up of Olivia. So 80s!
TopWebComics – A silly comic I drew while I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Reminder, I’ll be at – A silly comic I drew while I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Reminder, I’ll be at CrisisCon this leah remini pokies Halloween Weekend! It’s at Huntsville, Alabama, so please drop by if you can!
I’ve recently started a youtube channel. I’ve got a few videos up and may do some vlogs in the future. Feel free to subscribe. Link is here!
Don’t forget about the store! Buy something and help a starving artist out! Haha. I’ve got a few new buttons made for CrisisCon, and they’ll be for sale here afterwards!

As usual, keep up to date with my Livejournal Thanks, guys!


  1. Steven says:

    I check this site religiously for updates, ya’ know. 8D

    Ah, Vlad. You gotta’ love’m. Though I am happy the whole “Romy not living with Juliet” thing has been explained XD

  2. Mimi says:

    Yay new page <3 it sorry your sick hope you feel better

  3. Bavette of Agony says:

    Girl, you have a pretty good comic here. I really love your work. I am a old boy from Brazil who is too much a fan of webcomics to get out of my pc and read your webcomic made me feel like I it really paied back my obsesion.

    I have dreams of doing a webcomic myself, much because I have the determination to do so, but in my country it’s really hard to get something like this on the road.

    I really expect you read this, it would mean a lot to me. You give me strenght to keep on dreaming about a better-self I could grow on.

    Luv u, girl. Bavette.

    PS: And put on some straight guys there, pls. I am feeling like invading the L world, and I am too shy to feel confortable doing so. ^^ hehe

  4. Schmidt says:

    Since your lj doesn’t have anonymous comments (understandibly, but I feel left out!), I’ll leave one here: b&w ftw. While your color pages are pretty, I really do think you do your best with black and white. But whatever works for you m’dear :)

  5. admin says:

    Steven – Thanks for reading! And yeah, I figured I should explain it eventually. There’ll be a few more details explained later, as well.

    Mimi- Thanks! I’m still a bit sick but feeling better.

    Bavette – Thank you for your complements! I read EVERY comment and email that I recieve, always. So feel free to comment whenever. Go for your dream of starting a webcomic! You can do it! Thank you, again, for your kindness. (PS: There are several straight male characters who will be introduced soon, don’t worry!)

    Schmidt- Thank you for telling me!! I actually didn’t know that my LJ didn’t allow anonymous comments! I’m going to have to change that.. Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I’ll see if I can’t change that setting..

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