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October 10th, 2008

I’m very sorry for the delay in updating. Really. I’ve just been busy, sick, and stressed. But– I can’t promise it FOR SURE, but I’ll try to get another page out this weekend to make up for missing last week’s update.


Happy birthday to my good friend John! He just turned 25 recently, and for his birthday, I’d like you guys to go check out his website and watch some of his videos. He’s an up and coming comedian, so please show him some BIRTHDAY SUPPORT! His site is here:

Please help me give him an awesome birthday gift of traffic! If you like his stuff, please link to him too!

-I will be attending Crisis-Con on Halloween Weekend– it’s at Huntsville, Alabama, so please consider visiting me there!!

-I made a youtube channel and I’ve made a few little videos from my time in Japan. Feel free to subscribe to my channel. Those are the only videos I’ll have for Japan, most likely, but I am considering doing a “Vlog” quite seriously. If you’d like me to do a vlog, please comment or email me with what kinds of things you’d like to see me do or talk about. My youtube video channel is here!

-I like you, let’s party?

PLEASE VOTE FOR HEARD! We’ve been slipping in the ranks big time lately, so please vote! There are BRAND NEW images for both voting places! CLICK HERE to vote in buzzcomix, CLICK HERE to vote in topwebcomics. Vote in both places to see both images! You can vote every day, if you want.


  1. Schmidt says:


    I think I like Vlad’s hair long…

  2. Mimi says:

    wheres the update~~~ I check evey day~!
    with love

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