Anime Weekend Atlanta!

September 18th, 2008

eThere shall be an update tonight! I’m still in class at the moment, but when I get home I’ll finish up the page and post it. It’ll be the first page that I upload to Smackjeeves and the new Heard website at the same time! I’m excited!

ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA! WOO! It’s THIS WEEKEND, babies! I’ll be skipping classes on Friday (sorry teachers!), and heading to Atlanta in the late morning. I’ll be there from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. I WILL have a table in the Artist Alley, so here is a map for anyone who wants to find me!
a map of my location

I’ll be sharing a table with the very talented artist behind the webcomic Brink. Her website is having some issues, but it can be found HERE. If you have problems accessing it, you’re not alone. It’s kinda broken at the moment.

ALSO, the buttons are in!! They look great! I won’t be selling them online, since I might sell out at AWA. After the convention, I’ll be working on the designs, re-ordering them, and offering them for sale online.
sexy buttons
Yes, they are pretty cute. They’re all 1″ in diameter, so they’re hipper than the typical 1.25″ button! If I sell out of these at the con, don’t worry! I’ll be placing another order when I get back, and offering them for sale online. :D

I have slept for like 16 hours in the last.. 24 hours. Yes, there is probably something SERIOUSLY wrong with me! But they don’t take my insurance anywhere in the south, and I am not paying that kinda money to see a doctor for like two minutes.


  1. Priscilla says:


    Just have to say, I started reading Heard today.. One of the best comics I’ve ever read!

    Looking forward to some more !! <3


  2. Jessie says:

    Nena you should really update this section CHICA

  3. Megan says:

    Hhmm.. I would buy all the ones on the lower row, besides the yaoi one.. Stupid Atlanta, just out of reach for me, you know Naka-Kon, in Kansas, is pretty popular. COUGHCOUGHCOUGH. ;^;

  4. loopzer says:

    Next time include sources please =)

  5. Laci says:

    wow… thanks for sharing those… really very touching,,Aaralyn

  6. BriBriSaurus says:

    kay i know im really late but i really like heard just all of i and when i saw thoughts buttons i knew i had to have them and i love how heard makes me feel i get i cant wait for more and i really want thoughts buttons XD

    • Nena says:

      Ahahah! You are totally late! But it’s my fault, cause I never update the news page and I really should. I am a bad person. :C

      Anyway, thank you sooo much for your comment. It’s a total honor to hear something like that. I guess I’m doing SOMETHING right, haha. :D <3 Anyway, I don't really have a proper store up and running because I've been moving back and forth between countries and it's kinda hard to work that out. So, I haven't been making merchandise..

      I don't even have a full set of the buttons to sell to you right now. :C Unfortunately. If my career in comics continues to go well, I'll have to set up a proxy in the USA to handle my store for me. So, look out for that in the future!!

      Thanks again for the comment. I will try to keep this news updated with more frequency. ;;

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