Ch. 4 – Pg. 3

September 18th, 2008

Color!  Updates are going to switch to ONCE A WEEK, but I’m going to try to do color!  On weeks that I’m not up to color, I may update twice a week in black and white.

ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA!!  It’s this weekend!  For those of you who are attending, and might want to mozy over to see me, check out this map.  (I’ll post with some more details in the blog here.)


  1. 300baud says:

    Oh no! I have abruptly arrived at the present. I am sad.

  2. trixingee says:

    ahh, the end-of-the-archives sadness, i know thee well…

  3. Schmidt says:

    OH THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t work yourself too hard dear! (I’m not being sarcastic!!) Take all the time you need to get what’s important done. And I hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Alekxander says:

    Fantastic work here! Beautiful art, nice story, great characters…and color! You really are a wonder. :3

  5. McDance says:

    just stumbled onto your comic here, really great! I’ve read from the start to the current one.
    I look forward to the next strip. does you have a Deviant Art account? I would like to see any of your other work.

  6. Rinnikins says:

    I found this through a series of links and about 2 hours of mindless webcomic surfing. And I’ve fallen in love! Thanks again for being so totally awesome.

  7. Bitay says:


    (james bond movie xDD)

  8. Watch Saw 3D says:

    I don’t ordinarily consent with the data that are given on web-sites however in this case I agree.

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