Ch. 3 – Pg. 16

July 13th, 2008

Archival posting, everything is backdated to the original post date..


  1. Secret lady says:

    Just testing again..

  2. Ди says:

    Ахахаха… Отлично. Влад очень мила (и странный)! Я люблю он!
    Seriously though. I love this webcomic so far. :3

  3. Ди says:

    Oh! And Ya should be capitalized. ;D

  4. kanji says:

    О своей любви я готов слагали легенды
    On her love I am ready to legends

    Моё судно на воздушной подушке поло угрей
    my hovercraft polo acne

    that is what it says,yes? Vlad really did loose it… or did you mean some other thing…

  5. Jer says:

    Oh god, did you really put Моё судно на воздушной подушке поло угрей (My hovercraft is full of eels) into this?
    Love this comic a little more now :D

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