Ch. 3 – Pg. 6

April 30th, 2008

Archival posting, everything is backdated to the original post date..


  1. OniMA3 says:

    Bwahahaha! Last panel did it for me…God is pure comedy, like golden classic!

  2. Erm... says:

    Could you please refrain from making rape jokes? For some people (like me) it’s a very serious trigger, and dampens my enjoyment of your comic.

    • Nena says:

      This is a slice-of-life comic, meaning that it is meant to be pretty realistic and ordinary. I don’t know about you, but in my experience, a lot of people make inappropriate and politically incorrect jokes about rape (and other terrible things) all of the time.

      Keep in mind that the characters speak for themselves, I do not necessarily agree with the things that the characters say or do. I’m not making political or social commentary. I’m just writing a comic about people doing and saying stuff that you may or may not find offensive.

      They will talk about upsetting things (crimes, death, body image issues, assault, etc) in the future. Rape will never come up again in the script, though, so you know.

      Sorry if you’re offended but you have to understand the nature of the comic. I hope you continue reading unless the above issues are too sensitive for you. Not every comic is a good match for every reader. Though no comic artist likes to see readers walk away.. we understand when it’s necessary. :)

      • Erm... says:

        I don’t really know where to begin to respond to this, so I’ll just try to start.

        When you have survived rape, and are currently enjoying your day, and then BAM! a rape joke hits you out of nowhere, you can’t just move on from it. It becomes a focus, something hard and sharp that pokes at you and draws your attention, a magnet that inexorably draws your thoughts to revolve around it. Rape. And all of a sudden you remember what has been done, what continues to be done, and what will continue to be done because damn if someone had discovered how to end rape wouldn’t it have ended by now? Rape. And you wonder who the hell you are, and who the hell this person is who has oh-so-casually made a rape joke, and what the fuck both of your problems are. Rape. And then you wonder at this person who uses you and almost every woman you know as a punchline, who finds rape funny, who thinks that suggesting to forcibly violate someone, to have sex with them against their will, is a perfectly acceptable thing to say–and maybe even to do. Rape. And then you think of the statistics–one in four women, one in thirty-three men, but since rape is heavily underreported the numbers are much much higher. Rape. And you didn’t report, either, and now you are part of an invisible statistic, a member of the uncounted. Rape. Rape. Rape.

        My friends know not to make rape jokes. Not just because I’m a survivor; because so many of the wonderful people I know, almost all of the wonderful people I know, are survivors too. Beaten with a belt until she was bleeding by her parents on her sixth birthday. Raped by the boyfriend he thought he could trust. Her father touching her at night, when she was supposed to be asleep. Blaming herself because it was her fiance, so didn’t that mean it was already consensual? Not making rape jokes is just good manners, to the survivors you know and the survivors still hiding inside themselves, where it is safe. Not making rape jokes is just common sense, because who would want to take a terrible horrible event and try to take away its severity, try to lessen its importance?

        Rape is an occurrence that is both realistic and ordinary. Sadly, having a laugh at the expense of rape survivors is, too.

        I’m pretty rubbish at typing right now, so I’ll link you to a Very Good and Pointed Essay. She verbalizes her experiences so so better than I do.

        Of course, this speaks only to my experience and the experiences of all the rape survivors I know. There are doubtlessly plenty of rape survivors who wouldn’t bat a lash at a rape joke or be triggered by it.

        • Nena says:

          Trust me when I say that I in no way endorse rape jokes or the trivialization of rape in any form. I think we can all (sadly) say that we are either survivors ourselves or close to a surviver–friend or family.

          This is a slice of life comic. You are free to disagree with the characters and share your feelings and opinions in the comments, just realize that you’re not “arguing” with me. My opinions aren’t the ones on display in the comics. In fact I often portray opinions that are the complete opposite of my own.

          I have no problem with you using this as a venue to educate others regarding the use of the word “rape” or the experience of rape survivors, just understand that you are preaching to the choir if you are intending to address me directly.

          To readers- I’d advise you to read her posts and check out her resources. They are sure to be enlightening to those of you who are LUCKY enough to be unaffected by rape in your own life.

          • Hmmm. says:

            Thank you for giving me the impetus to stop reading your webcomic. It must be hard to be so smart.

          • Alice says:

            As disclaimer anything I say has no reflection on Nena who is far more of a classy lady than I am but that seems to be lost on you.

            I think on top of PTSD you have literacy problems. I don’t know what you expect here. Nena to change the comic’s dialogue because of your sensitivity? She already told you there would be no more triggers in future pages and you’re going to stop reading a comic you (I am assuming) otherwise like because the author’s opinion IS THE SAME AS YOURS and even have the audacity to sarcastically insult her. I’m really sorry about your experience, I know a very close survivor in my own family, but not everyone is like you; not everyone has been unable to move past it. Being raped doesn’t give you the right to order around what other people say and do on their own websites. Bad things happen to people all the time, it sucks. That’s life. Don’t think that just because you’re a victim you are better than her.

            You think that people who use rape in a joking manner are perpetuating the problem and I understand where you’re coming from but we cannot change millions of people and the way they talk. Doing so would be wrong and not help any kind of statistic. I’ve learned that the hard way. If we were serious about really fixing anything about issues like this we need to go to the root of the problem, not be afraid of WORDS. Instead of making victims feel more comfortable post-rape, why not actively try to stop it from ever happening again so no one has to feel that way? Think about the people rearing the rapists and the rapists themselves, not the words that good people are saying when they mean no offense to anyone. If what someone on the internet says hurts your feelings this much you need to stay off of it until you’re in a more comfortable position in your life because, like the world, it can be a dark and scary place.

            Rape is not funny by itself, no, but I’m going to defend the right to use it in a joke until the day I die because you of all people need laughter.

        • Jaycee says:

          Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apcpreiate it.

  3. James says:

    Wow. This is just what I needed. This joke will make anyone laugh:

  4. Mongoose says:

    Fyi, about the mentioning of rape: I’ve been raped twice by someone i trusted as a child and whom is still my neighbor. STFU and stop whining; rape happens, deal with it. For me, it’s a breath of fresh air for someone to treat it lightly. The more weight you give something, the more power it has over you. Everybody pussyfooting about just highlights what happened and it makes it a big deal that has to dealt with. I for one don’t enjoy being pitied, thank-you-very-much. So stop oppressing people for the sin of not being violated.

  5. Sarah T. says:

    hi there! I know this is a strange thing to bring up, but I figured I’d let you know anyway. Baily (I think it was her) mentioned on this page that she has never made out with her identical twin brother. It is actually impossible for her brother to be her identical twin unless she trans and has undergone a sex change.

    Because identical twins come from the same fertilized egg they are not only completely physically identical, but they also have the same sex. Basically they are clones of each other.

    Fraternal twins come from two eggs that have been fertilized at the same time and though they can sometimes looks very similar (ie. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins) they are not clones of each other and often have minute or large physical differences. They can even be different sexes, as we can see in this comic.

    Anyway obviously it can be counted off in the dialog as a slip of the tongue from the drunk girl, but I figured I’d make the clarification just in case you didn’t know.

    • Nena says:

      Hey there.

      Trust me when I say that I know what identical twins are.

      Now let me explain this page and the following one.

      Elliot (the blonde male character) has an identical twin (Elijah, not introduced until later).

      In the game “Never have I ever..” , it’s possible to target specific people in order to make them drink.
      Example: I’m playing with a group of friends. One of my friends has just returned from a vacation in Bermuda. If I wanted to target her to make her drink, I could say “Never have I ever.. vacationed in the Bermudas.” And then she’d have to drink. ta-daaa…

      So, in this page, Bailey was trying to make Elliot admit to having made out with his identical twin brother. (He’s the only one who could possibly fit this condition, as he’s the only one with a twin). But, Elliot has never made out with his identical twin. So he won’t drink. HER MISSION FAILED.

      On the next page, Elliot says that she has to take a “penalty drink”, because her “Never have I ever..” didn’t make anyone else drink. (This rule isn’t followed in all versions of the game, but sometimes the person proposing the question must drink if they didnt make anyone else drink. Because the purpose of the game is to make people drink while revealing secrets.)

      Hopefully this makes more sense to you now.

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