Ch. 1 – Pg. 10

July 11th, 2007

Archival posting, everything is backdated to the original post date..


  1. Raserra says:

    I hate the term “breeder.” I hear where the character is coming from, a place of frustration. It’s still unnecessarily mean.
    I myself generally date women (and I happen to be one), I fell in love with some one biologically male about three years ago… We’ve been not so playfully called breeders. It hurts both of us a lot.

  2. admin says:

    The opinions of characters in Heard are not necessarily indicative of my own, nor do I condone the speech or actions of any of the characters.

    This is a comic based on real life and real people, where very real, ugly things are said and done. This isn’t the worst thing that will be said.

    Those who are overly sensitive to language concerning sexuality, race, social class, religion– or any sort of foul language would do well to read something else.

  3. Izzeh~! says:

    bah. the term breeders never hurt me, besides. its a comic. its not like the author is calling u that. lol

    and a little on the comic so far~ MARVELOUS! cept in this page, at the last panel, is his cup a big too tiny? D:

  4. Brookums says:

    I love how Vlad referred to AIDS as a good thing.

  5. MallyDeBlack says:

    Breeder has to be the most redonkulous insult I have ever heard. I mean, seriously gay people. Step up your game a little bit.

    “Oh, I bet you have lots and lots of BABIES. What with your PROCREATION”


  6. callshops says:

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  7. reyri! says:

    @Mally: most insults are really ridiculous! “Oh, you’re so homosexual. With your attraction to those of the same sex.” “Oh, you’re like a female dog. Woof.” Seriously!

    I think Vlad is just being silly here, though. No one says “they took our AIDS” and says it seriously xP

  8. Risu says:

    “Our AIDS”? Lol

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