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June 7th, 2007

Archival posting, everything is backdated to the original post date..


  1. Secret lady says:

    Online dating is full of adventures

  2. Brookums says:

    My sister’s first online dating experience was like that.

    Except she actually went out with the guy…and a year and a half later they’re still together. >.>

  3. Zeke says:

    And they were singin’, bye bye Miss American Pie…

  4. sex friend says:

    Decent Superb information on Adult relationships Pleased to hear you are having an enjoyable and enjoying a good connection, if it were me. Continue to spend time with together and try not to overanalyze the relationship in it’s present state. that’s very uncommon from being in bliss. And, yes, I do consider that as we become old a number of us have a faster progression, because we naturally know what we want all the more. Take pleasure in, but be careful to protect your heart.

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